Archetypes In The Natural By Roy Hobbes And Beowulf

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Ever since there has been civilization, there has been archetypes. It is something that has been drilled into the brain as general knowledge. The Natural, the movie version, is written as an epic. The Natural may not be a poem like Beowulf, but the two have so many similarities. In both of the works, the archetypes are self evident. The quest each goes on, the strength, morality, leadership, and how they reflect the societies of today. These archetypes reflect how Roy Hobbes and Beowulf both are epic heros. In the Anglo-Saxon time period the most common way a story was told, was by scops. They recited poetry, and mixed old history with new, and “modern” people. The most commonly told, and most widely appreciated story was Beowulf. The story …show more content…
Roy Hobbes shows strength in several different ways. Hobbes show super human strength and mental strength. An example of super human strength is when he was shot, he lived 16 years with a bullet inside of him. This shows strength because it was a silver bullet, and many people do not survive many years with a silver bullet inside of them. Another example of his superhuman strength is when he knocks the skin off the baseball during his first time up to bat. No one has ever his a ball so hard that the leather came off. This just shows how hard he hit the ball. Another example is when he knocks out the lights at the end of the movie. The ball was hit so hard that he took out several lights when it went. The last example is of a more mental sense. He is strong when he makes his comeback to the game. It takes a strong person mentally to be able to come back to a game you love, and live up to the quest that you have worked your entire life for. The last archetype that should be brought to light is his loyalty, and morality. He has loyalty to Pop and Red, and later on to Iris. When the Judge comes to Roy and tells him to throw his game and his abilities for more money. Hobbes tells him no, and that he would win this game for Pop so Pop can believe in the game again. As another case in point, is when Memo, also tries to get him to throw his game. He doesn 't intentionally try to do that. Roy is loyal to his intentions and himself, and to the team. Roy works hard to get where he is in the end and it’s a quality to

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