Pros and Cons of The Gene Therapy Essay

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When in 1904 Avery (OT Avery 1877 ~ 1955)’s the pneumococcus transformation experiments firstly found that DNA is the carrier of genetic information. (Baruch S, Huang S, Prichard D, et al., 2005) Many gene-related academic subjects have poured out. Through them, gene therapy which has the closest link with human’s lives is the most controversial subject. Although gene therapy gives us hope of many diseases which seems impossible to be cured before, but the drawbacks of gene especially the cons from ethical like the death caused by gene therapy, the evolution problems caused by DNA exchange and the censorship of the experiment of gene therapy. As a result, whether to continue developing gene therapy need to be cautious.

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Take the story of poor Jill as an example, Jill Singer is the first patients who died in September last year during U.S. gene therapy trial. He was quite robust except suffering from a hereditary disease. The preliminary accident survey shows that the cause leading to death is that when the doctors in the genes into the cells, an immune response occurs which leading to multiple organ failure and death. (Rifkin, J., 1993)That means the technology that we have mastered are not as much as we used to think. In other words, there are many potential dangers that we have not realized yet. As a result, the process of the development of the gene therapy should not take the patients as objectives easily or it is the same as manslaughter.

Because gene therapy is not a sophisticated approach, it still needs to do a lot of experiment. However, how to deal with the responsibility distribution has not set up a certain law and the scientists and doctors have not prepared enough about the danger of the gene therapy. Gene therapy is the most popular medical research currently, since 1990 the United States successfully cured a-9-year old girl. (Baruch S, Huang S, Prichard D, et al., 2005)After about 10 years, the world has nearly 400 clinical gene therapies through which the United States accounted for half. (Becky, J., 2000) As gene therapy is new technology which is recently found, it is still in basic research and clinical trials for which many American

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