Project Teams Essay

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1. ABSTRACT The script highlights the ‘plant’ member of the team as a perspicacious and pragmatic individual who is a source of innovativeness and unconventional thoughts. A discussion on the positives and negatives of a plant member is attempted. It describes the controversial decision to entertain competition among team members. The phases of conflicts, cooperation and professionalism as part of the group dynamics of the team in focus are elaborated. Forming and storming are categorised as phases of conflicts. Norming and performing are identified as stages of cooperation and professional behaviour. The script highlights the phases of cooperation and relates it to “ethnorelativistic learning”. Ethnic diversity is perceived as …show more content…
Very evidently the student emerged a prominent member of the team and was identified as a source of revolutionary ideas and a true maestro. It is to be noted that, of the 142 people who were profiled; only 7 of them fell into the ‘Plant’ category, i.e. a mere 5%. A lush green plant producing fresh oxygen would symbolise the individuals’ proficiency in constructive ideas and bonhomie emanating from the individual. It was the student who put the team in track and the one to produce remarkable refreshing ideas amidst tough times. Inculcating a pragmatic and perspicacious approach to tasks was a noticeable contribution of the student. The student led the team to solutions which were feasible and gave the team an outlook into the members’ strength and weaknesses. At the very beginning the capacity of the team was evaluated and a realistic target score was conceived to work towards it rather than dreaming beguiling results. Unconventional thinking could be attributed to the fact that possession of profound knowledge gives individual’s the confidence to be ‘free thinkers’ and often the courage to ‘question the obvious’. Putting forward unorthodox philosophy was apparent from the student’s proposal to encourage ‘competition’ between members of the group. It was unanimously opposed by the group until the student could explain to the team an alternative approach to the rather

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