Essay on Progressive Assimilation Through Generations

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Progressive Assimilation through Generations Mexicans are not the first group of immigrants to encounter assimilation problems. A newspaper argues assimilation for Mexicans is more successful than many other immigrant groups in the past. Tyler Cowen, a professor at George Washington University, explains that following Mexican immigrant families for 3 to 4 decades gives a clear, concise model explaining how well they are assimilating. The first members of the family to arrive on United States soil assimilate slowly, but each generation after becomes more American through language, salary, and even divorce rates. His article details how Mexicans are on a faster track to assimilate than the Italians, Irish, Polish etc… were in the early …show more content…
She is a young Mexican-American girl still discovering who she is through each new experience. Esperanza first introduces herself when speaking about her name. She shares her grandmother’s name. Her deceased grandmother gave up her many joys in life to marry a man who she resented, she promises not to live like her because she fears she might become weak and complacent. Esperanza begins a journey into a new neighborhood where she is seeing the influence of gender roles more often. In spite of this, she maintains her love for independence, and states that she will never settle or live a satisfactory life. Instead of following the older women in the barrio, Esperanza matures extraordinarily fast over the year, realizing that to find the life she desires she must escape Mango Street and all that comes along with it. By 13 years old, she encounters many different situations from a first crush with Sire to sexual assault by a group of boys. Esperanza evaluates and re-evaluates her situation after each experience trying to understand what makes Mango Street such a desperate place. This creates a drive to write and find an escape route to a more fulfilling life. The House on Mango Street follows Esperanza through her development from a child into a more mature teenager. She begins to grow both psychologically and physically. She begins with different friendships.

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