Essay on Problems in Early America and the Articles of Confederation

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“No morn ever dawned more favourably than ours did; and no day was ever more clouded than the present!” This quote portrays how George Washington feels about America in 1786. After the American Revolution, the states create an alliance calling it the Articles of Confederation (AOC). This document is the only form of government the states have. Due to their fear for tyrannies, the AOC doesn’t allow the Congress to have the power to collect taxes or debts, make tariffs, and draft an army. Therefore, Congress has too little power to solve their economic problems, trade problems, and defense problems.

After the American Revolution, there are many economic problems. To begin with, there are the war debts. The Congress owns France money.
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Third, Congress doesn’t have a Chief Executive or an army to force the states to pay. The Articles of Confederation causes the Congress to not have the power to solve the economic problems in America.

One specific economic problem is trade. First, they are restricted to directly trade with all British territories by the Navigation Act. The Americans trades mostly with British territories before the war, but now they can’t. If they want to trade with any British territories, they had to trade with England. Second, the British are dumping in American. England is selling their goods super cheap forcing the American manufacturers out of business. After all the American manufacturers bankrupt, they would raise their price sky high. Third, the states are fighting among themselves. Some states know the Americans will suffer when all the American manufacturers bankrupt, so they taxed all British imports to stop them from dumping. However, the British refused to pay tariffs and goes to another state, where there are no tariffs, to unload their goods. Then trade between states became a problem. The states that tax all British imports even tax the goods from the states that don’t tax the British, causing interstate disputes. To sum up, the American Revolution created a chain of trade problems.
The Articles of Confederation doesn’t give Congress the enough power to solve these problems in America. First, Congress doesn’t

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