Pre-existing Knowledge Essay

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‘It is more important to discover new ways of thinking about what is already known than to discover new data or facts’. To what extent would you agree with this claim?

Albert Einstein said, “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” This new manner of thinking should be based on pre-existing knowledge. This pre-existing knowledge is necessary because it is the catalyst that pushes the human race forward, making us want to discover more. Trying to discover completely new knowledge would not yield the same results. Basing your research off what you already know allows you to compare the new data that you collected to the old data that is already present. If you discover something new you will have
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These new ways of thinking about the HeLa cells lead to many discoveries that are useful . However, some people have the perception that since the old ways of thinking do not seem to work they have to find new ways that they believe work. In, alternative medicine, people who have had issues with conventionally medicine, try treatments like homeopathy . They do this because their perceptions of conventional medicine have been badly altered by the fact that when they used conventional medicine for this one time it may not have worked or they have brought into the theories thrown out there about the medical industry. These patients strongly believe in these techniques. I believe however that these techniques have more of a placebo effect than and actual healing affect. These patients want to believe so strongly that these new techniques will work that their mind makes them believe that they are actually being healed. In the Biology class we watched the movie Contagion. In this movie, a deadly, extremely contagious virus is being spread across the world. In one part of the movie a blogger crates a video where he says he has a vaccine for this disease. The people who are desperate believe him and production of the so-called vaccine is increased. This vaccine creates riots at pharmacies across the United States. It is later found out that this vaccine was a fake and the blogger was only in it for the money. This vaccine is an example of this alternative medicine.

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