The Role Of The Political Community In Allan Bloom's The Republic Of Plato

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The Republic of Plato, by Allan Bloom shows the relationship of the philosopher to the political community. In the book there is no clear plot line, just a series of questions followed by more detailed answers. Throughout the book, readers learn about the benefits that a person and a society can gain when thinking about good over self interest.
“Socrates was one of the most exemplary and strangest Greek philosophers”, according to Plato found an interest in Socrates. He learned from Socrates and he too wanted to spread knowledge. Plato was born into a family that had many connections. He knew the problems of governing. The Government in this book consists of thirty committee members. Plato was invited to join. He came in at first with a thought that the government was going to do all they could do make society right. As he soon realized, that wasn’t the case. “Neither the oligarchic nor democratic regime or man is devoted to
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“Those leading men at Samos who remained attached to the democracy, looking abroad for defence against the coming attack” (Grote 840). The Republic of Plato, it states that the government was not with the people until democracy came into play, then people were able to have different political views. With the quote from A History of Greece it states how people that are lead by democracy are able to think for themselves.
Another book is, A State without Democracy”, by Clark Williams-Derry. As Williams-Derry puts it, “it would be on the heels of the subprime lending meltdown.” Saying this means that is we has a place without democracy it would be mental. That is what happened with Socrates. A democracy allows people to have a say in their government. Because at that time there was no official democracy, stepping out line would lead to severe

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