Poverty Affects Many People in Madagascar Essay

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No money. No food. No clothes. Sitting on the ground, wondering if she will wake up the next morning and repeat the process or not. Begging for money, starving for food, and shivering in the cold is a part of normal life for people suffering from paucity. The deprivation of basic life necessities like water, food, and shelter contributes to poverty in Madagascar. Poverty happens every day globally, including Madagascar, leaving its residents struggling and striving for a way to alleviate their problem.
Suitably, Madagascar’s unique history molds its government and geography. They broke apart from France and became independent in 1960. As stated in the article, Madagascar, the country has a republic government lead by their current
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Madagascar has different influences in their culture and language. As stated in Covell’s Madagascar, “Malagasy culture is largely composed of Indonesian elements, with other influences evident… There is slighter evidence of an Indian influence in vocabulary, but there is no trace of Hinduism in Malagasy culture,” (2014). This quote explains the impact of different cultures tied into their lifestyle.
Although, poverty challenges all countries, Madagascar’s history exemplifies the influence poverty has had on it. In Allard’s article Poverty, he defines poverty rate as the rate of people that fall below the principle measure of poverty. In fact, a country with a weak economy gravitates towards a higher rate, like in undeveloped countries, poverty takes up more than 20%, compared to the developed United States’ 11-16% poverty rate (2014). Different things can define poverty. Expressed in Moyo’s article, Access to Productive Resources: The Catalyst to Rural Women’s Poverty Alleviation. A Case of South Africa, “Poverty is a global calamity threatening human life mainly in developing countries, particularly in Africa. The definitions of poverty persist as diverse as its manifestations… The above definition makes it clear that poverty stems from an interplay of various forces resulting in the creation of an unfavorable environment for poor people to operate in” (2013). This quote

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