Essay about Post-modern Fiction

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Pre 20th century novels were mostly adopting a linear narrative, which was either chronological or according to structure of a beginning middle and end. By not conforming to the traditional method of structuring a novel they were attempting to create a mimesis of reality. At an individual and worldly level, religion viewed birth as the beginning and perhaps death as the end. On a greater scale perhaps it viewed the creation of the world as the beginning and according to the eschatological view, the ‘end of time’ or the ‘end of the world’. Post modernist believed that this view did not reflect reality and therefore attempted to adopt a similar mimesis in their works. They attempted to use fragmentation in the novels to reflect life …show more content…
This belief eventually deteriorated and became a more individual approach, which led to exploring ideas of the consciousness. Perhaps events and experiences like the wars, was a factor that led to exploring ideas of greater psychological realism, as opposed to a religious perspective that dealt with hope of possibilities, which were expected believed in due to social ideologies, which were prevalent in the Bible. The concept ‘stream of consciousness’ reflected this psychological realism, which depicted the inner thoughts of the characters. In Brighton Rock, Greene uses stream of consciousness to show Adrian’s thoughts and feelings which are penned in a diary, ‘To what extent might human relationships be expressed in a mathematical or logical formula? Or is it the wrong way to put the question and express the accumulation? Is the application of logic to the human condition in and of itself self-defeating?’(Graham (1938), pg.14). This constantly switching in thoughts show that characters fragmented thoughts, which reveal the complicated identities of individuals. Perhaps postmodernists were attempting to embrace the complexities of life for each individual. In the Bible, the identities of the believers are all grouped together which takes away the concept of emotions and feelings. Through narrative techniques like fragmentation and stream of consciousness, the postmodernists may have been attempting to regain their identities,

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