Portfolio of Evidence Essay

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Portfolio of Evidence
Failing my Portfolio of Evidence has given me the opportunity to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, recognising the mistakes I made. Such as being to descriptive instead of reflecting on what I have learnt in my essays. With this understanding I am able to redress my approaches such reflecting on my learning outcomes and formatting my arguments into a critical analysis. Through my feedback from my tutor it was noted that this was one of the reasons why I failed the model. One of the methods I now incorporate before submitting my essays is proof-reading. This assignment will discuss the methods I now use to develop my learning skills through feedback, tutorials and placement.
Use of Feedback
Feedback from my
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I believe that the reason why my written English is not excellent is because I was born and lived in a different country; therefore I tend to struggle when writing essays. Another book that has assisted me to improve this language barrier is ‘A guide to good English’ by (Palmer, 2002). The book provides examples of how to use commas, apostrophes and short sentences academically.
Another area that I will discuss is my referencing, through feedback I have realised that I do not reference literature used to the requirements and standard of Harvard Referencing. It has been made aware by my tutor that I can lose marks if I don’t reference my work sufficiently and meeting the requirements of the University. Books that have helped me with examples on how to reference properly are (Cottrell’s, 2003 and 2005) and the University guideline on referencing.

Reading the comments made by tutors and markers, demonstrated I was getting the positive support by the University to progress academically. This helped my learning development because I realsied were I was going wrong. The strategies that I implemented was reading various books and gaining a better understanding on how I can improve my English. Working with my teachers and getting relative feedback on my work has improved my grade from D Grades and one A Grade in Year One to all C’s in semester One in Year 2 (see appendix 2, 3 & 4). Passing all my modules in Semester A was

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