Investing Persuasive Speech

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You've reached a point where you believe you want to do something about investing.In you pocket you have $1000 and you think you can try out something and see how it goes.But the idea of losing your heard-earned $1000 is freaking you out.Every time you want to invest, all that comes to your mind is the horror stories you've heard people lose their savings and fortunes in stocks.What if I told you that you are wrong?What if I called you right now and told you that you could be getting a higher return on your investment with just $1000?Although you won't become a millionaire over time, but you could have at least learned the ropes and twist of investment.Now things are about to change for good, because in the next few minutes, I want to show you seven ways to turn $1000 into a risk-free investment.Let us begin.....

1: Become A Smart Investor In The World Of Dumb Investor.

You are wondering, how is this even true?The key to understanding the fundamentals and jargons of the world of investing is dedicating yourself to the lifelong learning.Take that $1000 and pay for a class to learn about different channels of investing. Or buy a book or two that teaches about investing.Books like "How to to make money in Stocks" by William J. O'Neil, will provide you with abundant information on how to choose the best

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