Essay on Poetry Study Lesson Plan

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Book A: Kennedy, X.J. The Phantom Ice Cream Man. David McPhail ill. New York, Atheneum, 1979. Print.
NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) recognized award winner: 2000.
Collaboration of 5th grade English Language Arts Teacher and Library Media Specialist for an upcoming poetry unit. Classroom teacher will introduce the lesson and the SLMS will prepare materials needed, block time and assist with project when students are in the library.
Lesson 1: The collection of nonsense poems in X.J. Kennedy’s book can be compared to what other nonsense writers found in fiction? For example Dr. Seuss, his books are known for their nonsense words and vocabulary. Locate two other authors that specialize in
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Tonight I lay me down to sleep
On top of Grandpop’s dentures.”
(Kennedy 38)
2nd Quality: Meter- “the lengths of a poems line and the patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables constitutes its meter” (Horning 71). Many selections feature this patterned use of syllable and line forming the poem into a symmetrical flow of words that are evenly paced. The following are examples:
“My mothers mad for bargain sales – (6)
At any slice in prices – (5)
Her eyeballs whiz like roulette wheels.-(6)
One night we had a crisis – (6)
“My Mother’s Mad for Bargain Sales” (Kennedy 39)
I can’t stand Englishmen’s ground bones – (6)
They clog my cookie cutter, - (5)
And golden eggs taste like stones. – (6)
Please pass the peanut butter. – (5)
“The Up-To-Date Giant” (Kennedy 27)

Book B: Gordon, Ruth. Pierced By A Ray Of Sun. New York: HarperCollins, 1995. Print.
Anthology – Young Adult
9th Grade English teacher and Health Teacher are working together on a unit about expressing feelings about oneself, people close to you, and friends. They discussed this with the SLMS and wanted to have students see how feelings are conveyed through different types of writing to include poetry. SLMS will prepare library and have available multiple copies of materials needed for each lesson to include selecte4d poems found in the Gordon’s copulation of poems by various poets found in Pierced By A Ray Of Sun.
Lesson 1: What is poetry? How do writers use poetry to touch and expose

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