Personal Reflection of Communication and Areas of Improvement

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Lots of people thinks that they know themselves very well; they have a right way of communication, they know how to listen and respond to others, even emotional intelligence. Is this what you thought? I did. However after I have done my observe behavior interview to my friends, I believe that self-reflection is important to everyone to understand and improve our own communication styles. For this report I will be studying the key communication concepts and analyses the responses and develop actions for improvement to my self. I will start with the explanations and identities of my personal style within listening and responding & Emotional Intelligence as well as make some references to these communication …show more content…
In order to effectively communicate with others one have to know communicate with one’s self at first. Within all of our communication activities, listening and responding is perhaps the one we use the most amount of our interpersonal communication skills in our daily life. According to Collins and Rourke (2009) in our general life there are about 8.5% people use communication time at writing, 13.3% reading, 23.0%speaking and 55.0% listening. Also Ballantine (1999) presents that if parents tell their children about the ideals and beliefs, their relationship and communication skills are improved. The successful listening and responding of children and the parents would be included, who is the talker, is that effectively way to communicate with the children what is want to tell them, in a way that they will understand and respond. Therefore I believe that listening and responding is always described as a significant dimension to have a successfully communication in our daily life, such as to explain family relationship issues or human emotional expressing, it seems as a necessary ability in close, individual and professional relationships of all ages. However, interpersonal communication involved in lots of fields so that in different point of view of Collins and Rourke (2009), (Bodie, 2009) believes that listening and responding uses in social and business communicating as well. Social support demonstrates listening and responding

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