Paving a Path for a Nation: George Washington Essay

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From the farm lands of an estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia, rose a leader with one of greatest magnitudes of pomp and circumstance in United States history. This man is George Washington, the United States first president. Known as a 'demigod' and 'the father of our country', he consummated many great achievements during his lifetime for this country. He led this newly formed nation through a war to gain independence from the British Monarchy. Washington shaped the office of the president not only for the ones to follow, but also to show the people what this new office and constitution was to bring. On top of everything he prevented a possible downfall of a recently constructed government through his foreign policy involving the …show more content…
He put much work and deliberation into who was placed in minor jobs of the national government; focusing on the fitness and good character standings of all applicants, lessening the chance of a power hungry government. Washington established that the presidency held authority over the executive branch and "subscribed to a theory of administration" in correspondence to the system of checks and balances. In 1794 during the Whiskey Rebellion Washington showed his constitutional power as president by assembling an army to suppress the rebels in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. At the sight of an army led by Washington, the rebellion disbanded, asserting the supremacy of the national government. "The first president clearly understood that a government which cannot enforce its laws to no government at is the responsibility of the executive to see that the laws are obeyed." (Milkis, and Nelson 83) Washington's decisions as president kept the new government and newly independent nation together, especially in matters of foreign policy. When Great Britain and France went to war in 1793, he issued the Neutrality Proclamation, because of two main points; being that the French wanted aid, yet they still did not have a permanent government and

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