Overview of the Importance of Intrinsic Rewards at Work and School

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Definition of Intrinsic Reward
From webcrawler.com intrinsic reward is an outcome that gives an individual personal satisfaction such as that derived from a job well done. Besides, from WikiAnswers the definition of intrinsic reward is an intrinsic reward is an intangible award of recognition or a sense of achievement motivation, in any endeavor when one falls in the Maslow’s hierarchy as attainment in conscious satisfaction. It is the knowledge that one did something right, or one made some body's day better. Moreover, from Organizational Behavior and Management by Mc Graw Hill, an intrinsic reward is defined as one that is self-administered by the person. It provides a sense of satisfaction or gratification and, often, a feeling of
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The second element is achievable. Achievement is a self-administered reward that is derived when a person reaches a challenging goal. McCelland has found that there are individual differences in striving for achievement. Furthermore, some individuals seek challenging goals, while others tend to seek moderate or low goals. In goal-setting programs, it has been proposed that difficult goals result in a higher level of individual performance than do moderate goals. However, even in such programs, individual differences must be considered before reaching conclusions about the importance of achievement rewards.
The third element is autonomy. Some people want jobs that provide them with the right and privilege to make the decisions and operate without being closely supervised. A feeling of autonomy could result from the freedom to do what the employee considers best in a particular situation. In jobs that are highly structured and controlled by management, it is difficult to create tasks that lead to a feeling of autonomy.
Fourth or last element is personal growth. The personal growth of any individual is a unique experience. An individual who is experiencing such growth senses his or her development and can see how his or her capabilities are being expanded. By expanding capabilities, a person can maximize or at least satisfy skill potential. Some people often become dissatisfied with their jobs and organizations if they are not allowed or encouraged to develop their

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