Essay One Day at Work

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One Day at Work

Every day, I followed the same old routine. Get up, eat breakfast, find my work vest, get dressed, leave. White polo shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Little red PharMor vest. Every single day. No variation, no chance for change or creativity. When working somewhere as mundane as a grocery store, you almost pray that something exciting happens to you during the day. But never does a cashier hope to encounter a tremendously irascible customer, the way that one summer day turned out for me.

I followed my humdrum routine, arriving for work on time, punching in, and returning to the front to begin my shift. The store was mostly calm, except for the constant beeping of the registers, the bickering of elderly couples,
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She came through the line without a husband or grandchildren, like many other older women frequently do. Her herb and vegetable planter had a pleasant scent that gently made its way to the front of the store as she carried it towards my register. The Plant Lady approached the desk, smiling jovially - until the price of the planter came up on the register screen. Indignantly, she fairly shouted: "Five thirty-one? There's no tax on that planter."

Here it comes, I thought to myself. I sighed heavily, knowing full well where this conversation was heading. She obviously wasn't going to be an easy customer to please. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but there's nothing I can do about it. That's what the management's entered it into the computer as." She wouldn't take my answer as truth. The Plant Lady continued to ramble on about her years of work in a greenhouse, her familiarity with the tax laws, on and on. There was really no other choice - "Kasey to Register One for customer assistance, please" - but to call over our front office coordinator to assist.

Kasey arrived on the scene shortly, listened to the woman's spiel, and then fed her the same line about the management as I did. The Plant Lady was insistent that she was right. Kasey looked at me and uttered two simple words: "Call Mike," Mike being one of four

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