On Journalism Essay

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On Journalism

'News is service, service by the members of the Fourth Estate to the greater social weal.'

Journalism is all about providing citizens with complete and accurate information regarding the political and social events that will affect their lives. It is about a sacred, selfless mission to THE PEOPLE. Even if we are to make allowances for the fact that commercialism has slightly crept into and slightly eroded the above institutional goal of the press, substantiated by the rising number of tabloid and plainly gossip publications, to call it a mere 'branch of the entertainment industry' would be, to put it simply, a wrong and ignorant statement.

The press plays such a
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By objectively presenting the causes, goals and implications of, say a particular government action, it lets the public decide whether or not it is appropriate and adequate. Therefore journalists serve as watchdogs of officialdom, providing a communal voice to the electorate.

The main purpose of the very existence of the press is to cater to the peoples right to know - a basic human right and a key constitutional principle. Living in today's complex, intricate and interwoven society, the people need to know the TRUTH and its effects. Lets take for instance, the scenario of a war. The truth may challenge the assertions made by the government but it is the duty of the journalist to investigate, research and provide to the pubic news (not compromising on national security and ethics, of course), that is accurate, courageous, citizen focused, independent minded and fair balanced. There has been times when the media, especially during the Cold War period, when the media played the role of mere loudspeakers of the government, accepting and validating the political versions of the truth. For example, when the Soviet Union shot down a Korean passenger airline, the American media stuck to the US President's version of the incident ignoring the Russian justification (which later turned out to be the truth). Therefore it is essential that the media publish a

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