Essay about Noah and the Great Flood

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The Great Flood was “the covering of the earth with water that occurred during the time of Noah (The Freed Dictionary).” “ In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month- on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened (Genesis 7:11).” The Great Flood had major effects on the earth as we know it today. It caused the climate to change, which lead to the Ice Age and the most drastic change was to the land.
The Great Flood changed the climate causing the Ice Age to develop. The Ice Age caused many problems, but the biggest effect was the animals dying off. The weather changed so suddenly during it a lot of animals just froze to death. Several
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The study did mention that the plants in Australia today may be effected like the plants during the Ice Age if the climate changes rapidly again. It would be really neat if they find out eventually what plants Australia did have during the Ice Age, but unlike mammoths plants may not be able to be preserved that long. I would rather have a preserved plant though then something that used to breath for moral reasons though.
After all these years we still have effects of the Ice Age, due to the Great Flood. Icebergs are still causing problems today, which researchers have proven. There is an iceberg that is about to go into open waters, and cause problems for ships that are carrying supplies or people. The iceberg is about the size of Singapore or even Manhattan. Researchers, however, right now will be watching it over a six month time span to see where it is headed. The Great Flood not only caused the Ice Age, but it caused the land to change as well.
The biggest change that happened, because of the Great Flood, was the change in the land. The Great Flood caused the huge land mass Earth had to break apart. Scientists are calling this change Pangaea. Scientists don’t recognize the flood, but yet they recognize an occurrence that could only be caused by a big event like the Great Flood. The reason Pangaea proves the Great Flood is, because of plate tectonics. “The amazing similarity of sedimentary Flood layers in the northeastern United States to

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