Negative Stereotypes Towards Beauties and Geeks Essay

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Watching television is one of America’s favorite pastimes, especially watching reality television. According to the Oxford dictionary reality television is a “television programs in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative” (Oxford dictionary). Beauty and the Geek pairs together "Geeks" (socially inelegant nerd breeds) and "Beauties" (beautiful women handpicked for portraying bimbos), who then take on challenges. Each week one couple is forced to leave the house and the remaining couple wins $250,000 in prizes. Along the way the geeks are renovated, and the beauties learn a few things about geek culture. Beauty and the geek amplifies a negative stereotype of men and women enforced by …show more content…
The producers of the show are claiming that by asking the beauties selected questions would show their true intelligence in which they would have to increase throughout the show in order to win the challenges which they will go through. However, asking them carefully selected questions only enforces the negative stereotype of gorgeous women being vacuous. The purpose of asking them those questions is to inform the audience that even though those women are very attractive, they are not very bright when it comes to using their brain. All of that reinforce the negative stereotype of the women being made to look silly and brainless. Similarly, the men are portrayed as being geeks by their immense intelligence, limited social skills and the way they dress and talk in which all enforce a negative stereotype. Sim Ahmed also talked about when the producers were looking for geeks they wanted to find ones that “love sci-fi, comics, gaming and computers. They are socially-awkward, conversationally-challenged and some are still waiting for their first kiss" (Ahmed). One of the geeks, Josh was asked in the interview “have you ever went on a date, ever?” He replies “never” (“the beauties meet the geeks”). The main reason for him never going on a date is because of his very limited social skills. He is so into the books that he forgot about social part of life. Throughout the show, the

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