Negative Effects of Beauty Pegeants on Children Essay

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Over that last 3 years, four-year-old Eden Wood has competed in child beauty pageants. Her parents have used more than 70,000 dollars for Eden to compete in these competitions; because of her winnings she has produced between 25,000- 30,000 dollars in prize money. She has yet to receive any of her prize money because her parents use it to invest in the pageant circuit. Eden loves pageants and competing in them, but her story leaves me speculating if she is too consumed in beauty pageants, and the negative effects they are having on her (Lieberman). Even though beauty pageants help promote personal development, confidence, and communication skills; pageants have negative social and psychological effects on children and teens. It causes …show more content…
The childhood pageant women scored significantly higher on body dissatisfaction, interpersonal distrust, and low self-esteem. Both groups scored the same with adult eating disorders, and depression (Wonderlich). Studies show fewer kids participate in pageants compared to kids that play sports. The impact of pageants is greater on children due to widespread media exposure. The mass media makes beauty pageants seem like a fairy tale that physical beauty guarantees fortune, fame, and happiness. This is comparatively false; pageants tarnish the self-esteem of young girls who compete in them. The girls are put on strict diets, have to follow rigorous schedules, and have many body altering appointments to make them beautiful to the eye. I believe pageants make girls think they aren’t beautiful because they are having all these alterations done to them, and that if they don’t win they are told they are worthless. Some different body altering techniques include fake tans, teeth whitening’s, hair and eyelash extensions, and a false mouth piece (Wonderlich). To have a routine and take care of yourself are of course wonderful traits but not to the extreme of making a young girl feel depression and anxiety about the looks of her figure or size of the clothes she wears. Keeping a routine of this sort is very healthy and appealing to others as a responsible role model who knows how to take care of themselves. I know I always look

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