Essay on Natural Born Killers

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One of Oliver Stones masterpieces, Natural Born Killers, caused severe controversy due to the graphic, but sincere portrayal of how the media devilishly feeds on violence and how the people of the country respond to these glamorized acts of wrong doing. Although the nation has condemned the movie for its shockingly violent scenes, critics like Roger Ebert and devoted Stone fans like Jason O’Brien have a different perspective on the message that this movie is trying to portray. That is, the simple fact that we, a television based society, have narrowed our variety of entertainment to violence, sex, and sexual violence. A master a satire, Oliver Stone takes film viewers through a twisted tale of two mass murderers, their glorification by a …show more content…
Although this is taboo in the sitcom family, it better represents true life than sitcom families do. “The scene being played out is grossly inappropriate for a sitcom family but all too unfortunately reflective of many families in the real world.” (Weinberger) In a cynical way, Stone is criticizing the very shows our society has grown up on. At the same time he is also getting the point across that television is not real and that it should not be so heavily relied on to teach morals to our children.
      This movie is about two mass murderers, Mickey and Mallory Knox, who rampage across the country killing everyone in sight. They always leave someone to tell the tale of their killings so they can claim credit for their actions. “The movie is not simply about their killings, however, but also about the way they electrify the media and exhilarate the public.” (Ebert) These two mass murderers inspire a feeding frenzy by the media and the public. During this time they are the most popular people in the country. They are not frowned upon by the public; instead they are worshipped through mass media, through television. They become idols to the public and one slimy journalist who aids the idolization process by feeding the nation the murderous coverage they want to see. “One teenager tells the TV cameras, “Mass murder is wrong. But if I

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