Essay on My Fitness Circuit

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My Fitness Circuit

I am going to design a circuit for general fitness but some stations will be specific to football. Specific circuits are designed especially to improve that certain sport. So for a football specific circuit ill have activities that can improve a footballer's game for example leg strength or passing skills.

I hope my circuit will develop all the areas of fitness but the ones I hope to improve most are strength, endurance and agility. I plan to do this by doing activities, which are specific to these areas of fitness. E.g. to improve agility I may include an agility run in my circuit.

Agility is the ability to change the bodies' position quickly while remaining in
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So the first week you hold your legs for 30 seconds and then the next you do the same but with a football on your legs and by the third you do the same with a medicine ball on your legs. Specificity is when the body system and muscles that are most commonly used are worked in the training session or circuit. The aim is to improve the workings of the muscles and systems in order for the athlete to perform in their chosen sport. (Beashal) I have introduced specificity in my circuit by having stations, which help improve football for example passing.

Safety Aspects

Here is a list of safety aspects I plan to have in mind when doing my circuit and why I think each is necessary.

The most important aspect of safety in my circuit is warming up and warming down to avoid injury such as pulling or staining a muscle.

Firstly you need to ventilate the space you are working in. I will do this by opening various windows around the room. This is needed as the room can get very hot and stuffy causing heat exhaustion and the fresh air is needed especially for people with asthma.

You need to make sure the fire exits are not blocked in case of a fire so that everyone can vacate the building safely without any difficulties, you need to check if there is adequate space between each of the stations so you have enough

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