Multiculturalism and Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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This morning while I was manually brewing the coffee grains using the dripping process (cup brewer), on top of hot milk in a clear glass mug, I notice that the coffee and the milk did not mix completely. The milk wasn’t completely white, but most of the dark bold coffee was settling down on top of the milk. This physical experiment showed me that: these two elements are not as oil and water; they are mixable, but natural method of dripping was not enough to acquire a mixed uniform color. They both needed some help to reach cohesiveness. Using this analogy is how I see our society today. We see the social prejudice and how the discrimination continues affecting the marginalized people.
I remember when I was working for a
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The general audience of Anglo-Saxons, I feel, may reject my point, because of my ethnicity.
History of immigration to the USA
The subject of multiculturalism and Diversity in conjunction is a controversial issue that any of us rather not to talk about it, and we prefer to leave the topic in the limbo. One quick answer is that it is a controversial point because it enhances difference. The question is, as Americans are we doing what is correct, what is right and ethical when we hear about this subject.
Historically the U. S. population has been changing, the U.S. used to be a country mostly composed by the white race; a large percentage of European mixed races. Paraphrasing information of the (U.S. Census Bureau In 2002), “1950 census reports were Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino. Other individuals who were Asian and Pacific Islanders and individuals of mixed American Indian, Black, and White ancestry were grouped together as ‘Other race.’ In both 1950 and 1960, the population in the Other race category was less than 0.1 percent of the total population. This information proves the fact that the majority population was the white race.
The 2010 census shows an interesting factor. According to the 2010 census The national population by race shows percentage of population changes in all races. “The White race alone shows a 5.7 percent increase” (Census Briefs, 2010). On the other hand all minorities

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