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Frances Cabrini was born in July 15, 1850 to Agostino Cabrini and Stella Oldini in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Lombardi, Italy. She was one of eleven children born to the Cabrini family and one of the only four children that survived past adolescence. She was born two months premature and was small and weak as a child. These factors, as well as the strong faith of her parents, would have an impact on the rest of her life, mission, and works. Agostino Cabrini, her father, often read Propagation of the Faith to her and the rest of the family. The stories were all about the missions in China and from a young age, Frances desired to become a missionary. By the age of eighteen, Frances knew that she wanted to be a nun, however; her weak health …show more content…
In 1871, she began teaching at a public school in Vidardo, Italy because they were in desperate need of a replacement teacher and her pastor requested that she did. Continuing with her excellent teaching and living a life of faith, Frances was asked by diocesan authorities to move to Codogno and run the House of Providence. The House of Providence was an all girls orphanage that was unsuccessful due to the poor leadership of Antoni Rodini and Maria Calza. The diocesan officials wanted Frances to take over so she could organize it and instill the spirit of her faith in it. Through this, Frances really began to embark on her journey of concentration to God. There were five other women working with Frances at the orphanage and like Frances, they all wanted to become nuns, so they began their novitiate with Frances Cabrini as their novice mistress. When Frances was 27 years old in 1877 she and the other women from the House of Providence, professed their religious vows. Frances decided to add Xavier to her name as a tribute to the Jesuit, Francis Xavier, evangelizer of the Orient. Frances was named superior of the community, but in due to difficulties in 1880, the House of Providence could not be formed into a religious community. However, at the same time she received orders from the bishop to found a new religious institute along with the women whom she had professed her vows with. She was now known as Mother

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