Morality: You Be the Judge Essay

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For many centuries, man’s ability to rationalize and make good decisions has always been in debate. Through this rationalization, morals, or the rules that govern one’s ability to determine what is right and what is wrong, begin to develop. For some, these morals are drawn out and predetermined by a divine being, but others derive their morals from other means. Charles Darwin and Ralph Waldo Emerson fail to obtain their sense of morality from religion, so they formulate their own new ideas from which they acquire their morals, although these ideas are very different. While Emerson believes in human intuition and that morality is derived by self-reliance, Darwin doubts intuition and looks to his theory of evolution to explain morality. …show more content…
Consequently, both Darwin and Emerson have to find new ways of living from which they can obtain their morals, since they no longer feel that they should live explicitly by the rules of Christianity. Subsequently, both philosophers began to develop new theories and ways of thinking by using their own original ideas, which help them to determine the source from where they obtain their morals. Darwin proposes his theory of evolution, which states that all organisms of a species have evolved from earlier organisms in that species; he goes as far to assert that humans evolved from chimpanzees. Darwin doubts the humans’ ability to draw their morals from within themselves; he believes that evolution explains morality. Darwin believed that humans are naturally asocial creatures, but through the evolution process, we evolved to be social creatures, which then allowed us to become moral (CITE). According to Darwin, becoming social creatures is the only way to discover our morality, instead of naturally possessing morality, as Christianity suggests. He also proposes the theory of natural selection which states that organisms that are more readily adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce offspring, which is a fundamental part of evolution that plays a key in humans’ social skills. According to Darwin, humans evolve socially because of natural selection; humans that are more social will breed with

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