Monsters: The Physical Embodiment of Fear Essays

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Monsters are the physical embodiment of fear. Monsters are the physical embodiment due to a wide variety of reasons. The most important being: Monsters’ apparent invulnerability/incredible strength, represent the bad part of society, most often look ugly, represent evil/nightmares itself, are intelligent, and some deviate from the norms are the reasons why monsters are the physical embodiment of fear. Monsters’ incredible characteristics are what strike fear into the hearts of others. In many myths, monsters are a weakness to societies. For instance, the heroes of Rome fight these monsters in order to overcome them which is the symbolic overcoming of weakness by the community. The fear monsters represent is primarily human fear as …show more content…
The fear that monsters represent is a parallel of the bad part of society. This is so since some monsters represent both fear and the bad parts of society. One example of this is Mahisha, the fierce buffalo demon, was on a terrible mission to conquer the world and rout the gods”. Those attempting to gain control of a kingdom are feared since if they were to succeed then the ruler will lost much. In addition, this is a bad aspect of society which occurred quite frequently back in those times.
Another aspect of monsters which commonly causes fear to arise in their opponents’ hearts is the ugliness that monsters often have. In current times, people look at ugliness from a different perspective. On the other hand, the ancient people looked at ugliness in fear, hatred, and disgust. Thus, they often attributed ugliness to monsters’ characteristics. One example of this is evident in the quote “Medusa and her sisters had once been beautiful but she lay with Poseidon in one of the temples sacred to Athena, and in revenge Athena altered their appearance, turning them into winged monsters with brazen claws and serpent hair, so hideous that a single glance had that power to petrify human flash to stone”. This quotation exemplifies the ancient peoples view on ugliness, going so far as to say that it could cause humans to become petrified.
Monsters don’t just embody fear they also represent it and

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