Momework Must Be Banned. Essay

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I stared at the row of C’s and D’s on my yellow report card for the third time, head shaking in disbelief. It couldn’t be! Not after a quarter of all-nighters bent over my desk. My teachers all said that my homework grades had added up before returning to the piles of unfinished grading on their own desks. My parents weren’t satisfied with my explanation, even when I pointed out that many of my friends suffered the same plight. Most kids and adults hate homework, whether they’re forced to do it, create it, or grade it. So far, their has been no concrete evidence against it. Yet schools continue to assign homework despite its widespread hatred and general ineffectiveness. All these negative experiences prove that homework must be banned on …show more content…
Kids bogged down with hours of homework miss out on their irreplaceable childhood. The lack of play is unhealthy. Many studies show play improves learning ability, the exact opposite of how schools treat it as unnecessary. The lack of physical activity itself causes obesity, diabetes, and a host of other problems. Additionally, kids trapped inside doing worksheets miss out on the chance to learn basic social skills, which are essential to the adult world. The worst result of homework, in my eyes, is evident everywhere: apathy. Today’s homework-overloaded, sleep-deprived, stressed, and just plain busy kids don’t seem interested in learning. Why? They simply don’t have a chance to discover their interests with all this homework forced upon them. In recent years, under the pressure of standardized testing, schools have cut back on just about everything for core subjects, which are usually homework-laden. A generation who doesn’t know their own passions can’t be good for a world where creativity and innovation will rule the international economy. The dire consequences of homework clearly stretch far beyond the school system.

Many would say, despite this myriad of issues, limited homework must remain. However, so far the supposed benefits of homework are not evident in studies. In fact, many claims of homework’s necessity to learning appear as nothing but urban legend. The amount of homework assigned hasn’t shown

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