Essay on Missing Child in the Movie "Prisoners"

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Held an Overall Captive of Prisoners Written by Aaron Guzikowski and directed by Denis Villeneuve, the film Prisoners, was released in the fall of 2013 (IMDb). While the film offers a universal theme of “what would you do if your child went missing?”, has a substantial plot that is riddled with religious references and symbols, filled with twists and turns, and a superb cast of well-known actors, the movie fails because of its plot predictability, an unsatisfying ending and portrayals of characters that fall into unflattering stereotypes.
Written in 2007 Guzikowski states that Prisoners began as a “little short story I wrote for my own amusement,” (qtd in Prison Break). In the Prison Break interview Guzikowski reveals that the script
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This is effective in not only creating the feeling of temperature but creates an overall chill to the bone. Combined with the look of the film and location, the sounds used to reinforce the cold wetness are also realistic. The back-and forth sound of windshield wipers on a rain soaked windshield, and the sloshing of tires on the pavement continuously reaffirm that it is indeed late in the year and cold and wet outside.
The title Prisoners is apt, for it seems as if almost every character in the film is held hostage by something, either psychologically or physically, and the film brings to life the idea that it can often be both. The parents of the missing girls are prisoners of a real-life situation in which every waking moment resembles a nightmare. Keller Dover captures the suspect Alex Jones and holds him prisoner as he tortures him and tries to beat the truth out of him. The Birches, the parents of the other missing girl, are also held captive by the knowledge that Dover has kidnapped Alex Jones and is torturing him. Held prisoner by the moral war raging within them and the desperation to find their daughter, they are cruelly tormented. Unbeknownst to the audience for half the film, Alex Jones was kidnapped in his early childhood. His character is perhaps the saddest victim of them all. The character Bobby Taylor has been psychologically damaged and is a prisoner of his unconscious

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