Military War: Cause and Effect Essays

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Military War cause and effect All living things need the resources provided by our natural world to live, leading to them adapting to specific environments. Animals in particular are mobile creatures that move from place to place searching for the best environments for their survival. The most intelligent creatures in our animal world are human beings and like other animals, they moved from place to place while organized into races in search of the elusive desirable environments. However, there is always the likelihood of finding fellow humanity already thriving in that environment. This resulted to conflict as competition for the inadequate resources arose. Consequently, human beings formed nations, allegiance to the national system …show more content…
Germany needed resources to fuel its growing economy in order for the country to dominate the world. Further, the idea of govern in the country was to be spread across the globe as it gained supremacy. However, international understanding played a key role in the direction the war took. On one side, Germany had to seek allies such as Italy in order for it to achieve its goal and on the other side the countries under siege had to combine forces to protect their borders and in so doing, they formed the allied forces (Waltz, 9). The war resulted to destruction of infrastructural development and entire cities such as Warsaw. Further, the human catastrophe was the worst in history of military war. In the end, international understanding led to the formation of the United Nations after which a cold war persisted between the nations involved in the war. Secondly, struggle for power results to military war. From the meaning of international politics that is struggle for power, the acquired power protects a nation’s interest and further helps to influence other nations (Troxell, 1). Military strength plays a key role in attaining desired power. For instance, the United States accounts for about 39% percent of the world’s military budget making it the sole super power. With the acquired power, the country has been able to influence decisions and ideas such as democracy across the globe. The country has also been able to wage war on terrorism by

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