Essay about Methamphetamines Labs or Death Labs

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Along with the surge of taking prescription drugs, so has the use of illegal methamphetamines. The use and production of meth has spread across the United States. This epidemic is turning rural areas into dangerous meth labs ready to blow up if not constructed correctly. Meth is unique because it is mostly produced domestically unlike most other drugs. This production lets people see first hand of the dangers of not only drug addiction but the impact that drug production has on communities. The spread of production and addictiveness of crystal methamphetamine make it a dangerous problem in America today. Meth labs are not your normal drug lab. These labs can be made anywhere where the materials of household items are available. Usually …show more content…
A major reason why methamphetamine is such a difficult drug to enforce, is the fact that so many labs exist and that these labs can have an area of operation set up; and make a batch in a short amount of time and gather their materials from common home-improvement type stores (Methamphetamine FAQ). Although some pharmacies have limits on how much cold medicine one person can buy, a meth-maker could still get a mass supply by stopping at multiple stores to fill his inventory. The hazards of methamphetamine do not stop at injesting it into the body. Methamphetamine is dangerous to produce, and impacts the environment where it is produced (Inspectors Beware: the Dangers of Meth Labs). With the low economical environment of meth, the by-products of the producers are not properly disposed of. This not only causes a safety hazard to the environment but also to public health. Chemicals in the air can damage the lungs and irritate the skin, the gases given off are flammable so an explosive fire could give off into a blaze (Cleaning Up Hazardous chemicals at

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