Media - The Relationship of Self and Advertising Essay

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The Relationship of Self and Advertising

Advertising has an extremely strong hold on society. Due to the overwhelming presence of mass media in popular culture, products are often recognized solely by how they are portrayed in their advertisements. Regardless of how truthful or misleading it may be, advertising is how companies spread the message about what they have to offer to the public. Advertising appears in various forms, including printed material, television, audio, and even down to its simplest form-word of mouth. Without good advertising, a product would not succeed and would lack added publicity given to it through advertising. Consumers would not always be informed of the best products and prices without
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When introduced in advance by an ad, news of a new creation has more time to reach more potential buyers, thus making the product more popular on its release date. Brand names and consumers' loyalty to particular brands are often strengthened through advertising. When an item does not have obvious superior qualities over a similar model produced by a competitor, advertising can be used to associate quality with a certain brand (Scheidell 28). Companies are rewarded for creativity in advertising by a greater market share. To gain this much desired market share, ten million dollar ad campaigns work well, but simple aspects of a less expensive advertisement can boost a business's sales just as effectively.

Advertisements are intended to appeal to potential buyers. By using either humor, human sexuality, or trendiness, ads can often find a place in a consumer's memory for an extended period of time. Everyone remembers "where's the beef?," a catchy phrase used by a fast food restaurant to promote hamburger sales back in the 1980's. This was not shown at halftime of the 1986 Super Bowl, but these words are certainly etched in my head, and I often recall this quirky question when pondering about what I want for dinner. This kind of product recognition could only have been achieved through advertising. Also, the consumers to whom the advertisements are aimed benefit from advertising.

The general population has been led to believe that

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