Media and Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control
Gun control has always been a fairly important matter in American society, yet has be-come a much larger concern within the past few years. Our founding fathers felt gun control was an imperative enough issue to create the second amendment. As society has shifted from the freedom of English rule to the diverse, technologically advanced nation it is today, new situa-tions have greatly influenced public opinion to bring about adjustments to current policies. The issue overwhelming America is whether or not gun control will positively affect the safety of citizens as a whole. We will discuss this issue, touch on present public opinion and political so-cialization pertaining to gun control, and the possible outcomes that may
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Meanwhile, in present day America, the media continues to be a huge influence and its reoccurrence has developed into a daily attribute to the topic. Social media sources like Twitter have begun to conduct studies on the top discussions and gun control is one amongst many. Most Americans use social media on a daily basis and are often logging into their accounts fre-quently throughout the day, therefore leading to more exposure to trending conversations. Re-search teams are keeping record of how often gun control is mentioned, what caused it to be mentioned, and the nature of its mention. Thus far, it has been proven that pro-gun control Americans have ascendency over their anti-gun competition by 64% to 21%. Political socialization is defined as the process by which people come to acquire political attitudes and values (Schmidt, Shelley, Bardes, & Ford 2012). This socialization into politics can come from family members, peers, the educational system, and mass media. Of these examples, our group believes social media is the one with the most influence. Our family’s political views and the basics of government that we learned in school are our very first introduction into politics. Although this can play a part in our early stages of political socialization, what our peers think, what we hear on the radio and television, or see on our newspapers and magazines, have a greater

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