Essay Mass Communication, Media and Culture

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Throughout the ages mankind has made some of the greatest advancements through the use of intellect and reasoning to develop and apply new ideas for progress. One great contribution to this is the emergence of language. Through the application of this great discovery humans were able to interact and communicate in ways like never before. Societies began growing and strengthening through oral communication as language provided a clear and understanding medium of ideas and values. As progression took place, symbols emerged and soon gave way to an alphabet that revolutionized communication. Through written words cultures and civilizations began to develop more rapidly by document and distribution. In 1440 Johannes Gutenberg gave light to an …show more content…
For this reason the engineering of the printed press was life changing in a literal sense. Cultures could now communicate their ideas through mass production in printed format causing spread and growth. The views on religious concepts and traditional civic doctrines were some of the first to be attacked. This paved the way to reformation through major social change and cultural changes (Campbell, Martin, Fabos pg.7). Apart from change, mass production gave light to a highly influential process; Mass communication. Today we are able to open a newspaper in Atlanta and read of occurrences in Japan. This great phenomenon is a direct result of mass communication. The deliverance of cultural messages and stories through a large spread audience best defines such phenomenon (Campbell, Martin, Fabos. pg. 6). However, mass communication reaches a vast number of cultures and may not always be interpreted in the sense that the sender intended. For example a book about a woman standing up against a man may be perceived as a feminist and inspiring piece of literature. Regardless of the intended interpretation, another culture may perceive it as something disrespectful and vulgar. Mass communication has indeed been dispersed through many print means such as novels, magazines, and newspapers. Through its evolution it has come to inspire individualism with people no longer

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