Martin Luther Essay

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Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483 in northern Germany, within the Holy Roman Empire to an upper class peasant family (they owned land).His father, Hans, was an independent farmer and miner. Although Hans never got an education himself, he valued it so much so that he forced it upon his at son (he wanted him to go for law school). Hans did not like the church, he believed that religion clouds the mind. Whenever Martin did something deemed wrong he would be beat to a pulp by his father. Martins mother Margaret was an orthodox catholic so her views of religion differed from Hans’. She would verbally harass her son telling him he is an awful person and should/will be damned to hell. This led martin to confess his sins seven to eight …show more content…
After reading Huss’ writing Luther asks “why a man who was so Christian be burned at the stake”. This confuses Luther and he begins to doubt G-d, the church, and religion even more than he used to.
After graduating the university in 1505, Luther begins to walk home and gets caught in a terrible thunderstorm. A bolt of lightning hit so close to his feet that he fell to his knees on the ground and made a promise to G-d that if he makes it out of this storm alive he will become a monk. Surely enough, the sky clears and he returns home with the news that he is going to become a monk. His father believes that he is being stupid but Luther is staying to his word.
He joins an Augustinian Monastery, known for their strictness, and lived a monks life. As a monk he was the “monkest” of all monks. He went to the extremes even mutilated himself with a cats tail so he could feel the pain of Christ. Headmaster Abbot Staupitz saw this and began to worry for Luther’s sake. He called him in and told him to read two books, the writings of St. Paul and Confessions by St. Augustine. In Confessions, there were two statements in particular that drew lathers attention: “all people are damned to hell”- “despite people being damned, they are not damned because G-d saves them through grace”. After reading the first statement he begins to dislike G-d even more and feel even more depressed since this was the attitude and mindset from his home. After

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