Essay about Malaysia's and Australia's Educational Systems Compared

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1.0 Introduction
“By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man’s body, mind and spirit.” -Mahatma Gandhi
The quote above shows how Mahatma Gandhi emphasizes on all-rounded education. An all-rounded education will only be the reality if the education system fits all the development of the students. Every country in the world is competing with each other to produce the perfect curriculum to prepare their citizens in this modern world. Malaysia is also one of the developing countries which are very concerned about the education system in the country. Australia is another country which is always being compared with the world-class education system. In this essay, we will discuss about the education
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Primary schooling is compulsory started from 2003. Parents who are not sending their children to school will be fined heavily. The primary school is based on automatic promotion. Primary schools are classified as national (using Malay as the medium of instruction) and national-type (using Chinese and Tamil as the medium of instruction) (Sharifah Maimunah & Lewin, 1991). All types of primary school are using the new curriculum that is Standard Curriculum for Primary School (KSSR) starting in 2011 (Malaysian Education Blueprint, 2013-2025). The curriculum emphasises of basic literacy in Malay, English and basic numeracy in mathematics. Students will be assessment by school-based assessment and centralised examination under the curriculum of KSSR at the end of the primary education (Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025).
After completing their primary schooling, students have the opportunity to further their studies in secondary school. Secondary education is divided into two stages which are lower secondary education (Form 1 until Form 3) and upper secondary education (Form 4 and Form 5) (Ministry of Education, 2012). Pupils from the three types of primary school merge at the lower secondary school for another 3 years of uninterrupted schooling (Sharifah Maimunah & Lewin, 1991). This new curriculum called Standard Curriculum for Secondary School (KSSM) starts in 2012 in all lower secondary

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