Essay Making the Best of a Bad Situation

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On February 6, 2009 it was announced that our facility would be closing on December 31, 2009. Production would no longer continue past this given date and plans were announced to decrease headcount to less than half of the current number the facility employed. No one in the meeting that morning could have ever imagined the proceedings to occurred in the manner they did, as they started for work on that day. The event, which occurred that morning, created the biggest conflict and negotiation opportunities I would ever encounter. Ethically this situation seemed very unethical to me and decisions had to be made that would impact me as an employee and my role as a single Father, but this was a business decision and clearly
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There was no negotiation for this transitional change and the Plant Manager at the time was very adamant about the offer. He informed the supervisors this was a non-negotiable offer and we could take the offer or leave the company. The one stipulation made was, if we stayed to the end of the year we would receive a 10,000 dollar retaining bonus.
The meeting with the Plant Manager did not go as well as he planned, because the supervisor on the mid-shift requested a private meeting. Myself and the second shift supervisor exiting the conference room and not more than five minutes had elapsed has the supervisor was shaking our hands and stated nice working with you gentlemen. Our colleague for several years was no longer employed with the company and the incident happened so quickly, it was hard to believe, that a good man and employee would be allowed to go in that manner. “Don't react emotionally. When you encounter tactics intended to intimidate, rush, draw out discussions, or otherwise derail the focus from underlying needs and mutual gain, patiently react to the problem at hand: The discussion needs to be refocused” (Gould, 2000). Immediately following his dismissal we were ask to re-enter the room and was informed he exercised his “fight or flight” option or what he felt was his Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement or

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