Life with a Siberian Husky Essay

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Life with a Siberian Husky

I really had no idea what I was getting intowhen I decided to get a Siberian Husky for a pet. Don't get me wrong: Iwouldn't trade him for anything and I love him dearly, but this animal has hisown plan - his own agenda. The last three years of my life have been anawakening to the downright mischievous nature of these dogs.

I've met other Husky owners and they all have the same stories of their dogs running away and possessing the trademark Husky stamina. They also tell of the little idiosyncrasies, such as their dogs "talking" and the way Huskies know when you're speaking about them when they are in the room. All of these owners are amazed at the Houdini-like capabilities these dogs have to
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When I moved to Bend, Khayman was eight months old and starting to really grow up, but also starting to get really clever. The first night we were in Bend, he found the weak board in the fence, escaped, went up the street to the horses and just sat there - barking at them. In Central Oregon, that kind of behavior gets clever dogs in trouble. So, I picked him up at the dog jail, sans the $250 fine, went home, and fixed ALL the boards in the fence.

It was around this time that my dog developed a taste for women's underwear. This was back in the era of living with my girlfriend so, needless to say, Khayman had found a new way to keep me on my toes. At eight or nine months, a Husky has much energy and thinks he is very cool. Thus, he hears his name shouted in a harsh tone, followed by the word "NO", quite frequently.

There was an instance where he chewed some panties and hid the evidence in his blanket until my girlfriend found them all - worthless and torn. Then he started to actually ingest them, and this was almost the end of Khayman. He ate an especially good pair that he didn't want to take the heat for, and he got sick. It caused a blockage in his intestine that almost killed him and ended up costing me one thousand dollars of emergency surgery. I should have had them install a zipper in his belly.

When Khayman was a year or so old, that's when the real fun began. The underwear scene was

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