Lakewood Nuring and Rehabilitation Center: A Personal Narrative

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Living in this place is more enjoyable in ways that people realize. I took it upon myself to move here after a heart attack had left me incapable of living by myself. My children, and grandchildren worried about me falling and they had to check on me every day, becoming a burden to them. So I sold my house and most of my non-personal belongings and moved here. The name doesn’t even hide the fact of what it is, Lakewood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. This is where I will spend the rest of my life.
This place isn’t one of those glamorous retirement villages you see advertised on television, it has its up and downs alike. Lakewood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, or as we here call it Lakewood for short, has more of a hospital
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The left wing of the first floor is used for temporary residents staying less than two months, mostly doing physical therapy after surgery, or medical issues.
Home or the second floor is where most of the permanent residents like me live. This floor has 250 residential rooms, two nurse stations, one common room (including two T.V.’s), and numerous small cleaning closets. Of the 250 rooms two residents live in each room, my room is 234. These residents are the ones that can live mostly on their own with little to no assistance needed. However there is always the opportunity for chaos a resident gets to brave and tries doing too much and falls; then, the sight of nurses running to the loud cries of distress to help resident that needs them. I am one of the lucky ones that can walk on my own. I can also get in and out of bed, go to and from the bathroom myself, and groom myself. I often walk around visiting my neighbors and I often go outside weather permitting. After sometime you get used to the smell of the cleaners that come from a place like this, and you don’t even notice it. Some are not as lucky as me, and require a good bit of assistance every day. This is what happens on the third floor, many nursing home horror stories come from here.
I spend a lot of my time roaming the halls and visiting neighbors. New residents arrive as my friends pass on. It is a cycle for a person like me. Until my cycle ends it is a burden I will have to bare. I keep

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