Knowles' Separate Peace Essays: Maturity in A Separate Peace

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Maturity in A Separate Peace

 In A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, the focus spotlight is quickly turned upon Gene Forrester and his maturity through the novel. He expresses his ideas about the many subjects through the book through his position as the novel's narrator. Also, as the book progresses, so does Gene's maturity.
    The first chapter of A Separate Peace establishes the character Gene
Forrester, who in actuality is a portrayal of John Knowles himself, according to a recent interview. In this establishment of the main character, Gene sets his place as a grown up and fully matured man, looking back on an incident when he was only sixteen years old. He vividly describes Devon High School as
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However, Gene depicts in this chapter how he feels about the Super Suicide Society and the dangerous requirement that Finny has sent forth. In Chapter Three, Gene almost falls out of the tree, but is quickly grabbed by Finny. In this action alone, Gene is depicted as a rather selfish boy from his aspect that it was Finny's fault he almost died in the first place. But his great admiration for Finny keeps him from simply refusing the dangerous jump and speaking down towards Finny.
Meanwhile, to the reader, looking through the eyes of Gene, make them realize that Gene is rather a simply confused young man, who doesn't know the real value of friendship, and can't refuse a feeling of envy towards his so called
"best friend."
    The book winds on, and jealousy take Gene over. In Chapter Five, Gene bounces the limb of the tree Finny is about to leap out of. Finny then falls, and shatters his leg, vanishing any thought of participating in the 1944
Olympic games. Gene perhaps, in this chapter, grows a few inches taller in his climb towards maturity. Gene's conscious takes a mental beating after he's committed his awful deed. Perhaps his mind beats him up so much, he's forced to grow up. The reader can sense vibes in Gene that he is sincerely sorry for his action showing his respect in Finny grow even stronger, by training in place of Finny for the 1944 Olympics. A possible reason for
Gene's sudden spurt of

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