King Philips War Essay

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King Philip's War: A Civil War

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines war as "a state of widespread conflict between states, organizations, or relatively large groups of people, which is characterized by the use of violent, physical force between combatants or upon civilians", and civil war as "war between factions of the same country." More specifically, a civil war is an internalized war between people who inhabit the same territory. During the 1600's, where newly forming America consisted of both the English colonies and the indigenous Indian groups, extreme warfare broke out among the people who lived in what is now the New England area. The war lasted 14 months, from the year 1975 to 1976. It was named for King Philip, the
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The parallels and overlapping of the political ideas of the Indians and English brought them together and allowed them to coexist peacefully between 1620 and 1675. Although the Indians were the indigenous people that inhabited the area first, there were many tools, supplies and new ways of tending to agriculture that the English brought with them from Europe. The two groups had major differences in regards to ethnicity and religion, however the need for survival led them to set these aside and help each other.

The period between 1620 and the start of the war in 1675 could be accurately described as being relatively peaceful, in regards to the civility of the two groups towards one another. Drake states that there was conflict among the various groups of the whole population of both Indians and English that caused the war, not between the two distinct groups. He states that stereotypes and false assumptions led to the widespread understanding of the causes of the war.

Both the Indians and the English that inhabited New England during the timeframe of 1620 and 1675 were struggling to preserve their identities and at the same time adapt to the change around them. This common thread of action created strong bonds between the groups, despite their very different backgrounds. There was a certain codependence that occurred between the English and the Indians, each group knew that they needed the other if they wanted their people to persist.

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