Kids and Social Networking: Pros and Cons Essay examples

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In 2010, 57% of kids used the internet at home, and 85% had access to a computer at home (Child Trends, 2012). In 2012, the National Consumers League reported that 32% of children ages 8-10 and 69% of 11 and 12 year olds had their own cell phone. Of these, almost 50% could access the internet through their phone.

In addition, children have access to everything on the internet at the touch of a button through newer technology, such as the iPad, iPad mini, mp3 players, and iPod Touch. And with devices like the iPod, parents may only think about it as a music device and not realize that they are opening the whole internet to their child.

It is estimated that there are about 5.6 million Facebook accounts that are used by children 12
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create closer bonds with people they already know (Lee, 2009; Valkenburg & Peter, 2007)

4. develop social skills and their own identities by commenting, liking, and sharing about themselves; in presenting different versions of themselves online, they can gage peer reactions to their identity choices at a safe distance (Valkenburg, Schouten, & Peter, 2005)

5. facilitate new and ongoing peer relationships outside of school and beyond their own peer group at school; note that being online does not take away from off-line friendships; those on social networking sites have been found to have many off-line friends (Bryant, Sanders-Jackson, & Smallwood, 2006)

6. connect with peers online for social support; this has been shown to reduce stress as well as have many health benefits and is especially important for kids who do not have enough support in their lives (Leung, 2007)

7. reduce social anxiety through self-disclosure (Valkenburg, & Peter, 2007)

8. positively boost self-esteem through receiving positive feedback for their contributions (Valkenburg, Peter, & Schouten, 2006);

9. who are excluded to boost self-esteem, reduce negative affect, and increase relational value through talking to unknown peers online (Gross, 2009)

So it is clear there are some benefits children can accrue from social networking.

And while studies have found no negative psychosocial difference between 7th grade social

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