John Locke and Government's Purpose Essay

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In my high school government class senior year, my teacher made the class recite and repeat the rights that are clearly stated in the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States. “The right of speech, the right of the press, the right to petition, the right to religion, and the right to assemble…” we rattled off the list, then started again.
When I stepped out of high school and into the real world, I realized just how grateful I was for the rights that I had and the fact that I had a government that allowed me to live in liberty and observe these rights. The idea of human nature has been studied as early as the ancient Greeks, and continues to be studied today because government will always be important. It can either
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What exactly is freedom? To the Greeks in ancient times, freedom was the “privilege of taking part in the political process” (Fox 5). And the highest freedom “could be realized by observing society’s rules” (Fox 6). If the government’s focus is freedom, it means the leadership is focused on how to create a society in which all men of that society are free through laws and rules that protect basic rights and allow the people to pick the leaders who create the laws.
A government could fulfill its duties of guarding the rights of the people, for example, through a “Rule of Law”, which would be “a beacon of liberty” (Fox 35). By applying guidelines to in what ways the elected can pass laws on items pertaining to the freedoms of man, even his individual freedoms, it attempts to contain the problems of laws becoming unjust.
The point of a rule of law, protecting rights, and organizing a government is to allow each man or woman to fully have self liberty, but also to be able to make sure that each person is protected from each other and not stepping on the entitlements each deserves. Thus, each has freedom to live and prosper in society.
My first opportunity to vote will come this November. By utilizing this right, I will be using my ability to consent to a leader of the

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