Identity In V For Vendetta

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In today 's society ideologies and ideals defined our most intimately set of values, feelings, and emotions. In fact, they acts as a lenses through which we see everything and everybody; these beliefs are often so close to us that we do not realize that they are there. Additionally, we simply think that our beliefs are natural, but in reality they are constructed by ideals and ideologies that society frequently creates in an effort to set specific norms or expectations so people can conform and followed.

To gain a better understanding of how ideals and ideologies shapes who we are and our actions it’s necessary to analyze the comic V for vendetta. In other words, in order to understand how identity can be constructed through ideals and
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To illustrate, in the comic V for vendetta the authors Alan Moore and David Lloyd show two panels in which Evey is seen after being tortured standing in the rain with her arms up to the sky, along with V words “become transfixed, become transfigured, [and Evey saying] forever” (Moore Pg. 172). This demonstrates how Evey is leaving behind the old ideals form society, and she is welcoming the new ideals that V has imposed on her. This represents how V ideals and ideologies are shaping Evey to become a new person that does not hold the old ideals form the oppressive society that she used live in. For instance, V ideals of freedom and freewill not only change Evey’s behavior, but they gave her the opportunity to express her true identity and to think differently from the rest of society that were blinded by social expectation and demanding norms. In contrast, today social ideologies and exceptions such as technology, innovation, patriotism, and value for appearance frequently shapes who we are and our actions, however sometimes these ideologies do not represent our true identity and prevents us from expressing our true feeling and emotions. In fact, ideologies and ideals can shape who we are but in some cases they prevents from revealing our true self. For example, if someone lives in a society that holds a …show more content…
For example, in the comic V for Vendetta the authors Alan Moore and David Lloyd show one panel after V has die with the words of Evey telling him “you came out of an abattoir unharmed, but not unchanged. And saw freedom 's necessity: not just for you, but for us all”(Moore pg. 260). This demonstrates that V represented more than just a man behind a mask; he represented the true identity of freedom that once humans had. Moreover, he was the only hope for society to gain that freedom back again, because he was the only person that preserved the true ideologies and ideals such as justice, love, integrity, happiness, and death that once were fundamental for the society to feel free with being oppressed by irrational ideologies. Additionally, in the comic V for Vendetta the authors Alan Moore and David Lloyd illustrates a letter from Valerie to V that says "an inch. It 's small and it 's fragile and it 's the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us"(Moore pg.160). This illustrates that in some way V adopts Valerie ideologies and ideals to become a new person with an identity for justice and freedom. To

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