John Grisham: A Postmodern Author Essay

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The American literary period of Postmodernism is extremely important to literature today because it is the period that is currently happening and we have been experiencing it for nearly half a century. This literary time period deals with real life problems and issues and shows how various people react differently to the same situations based on social, economic, and cultural backgrounds and differences (Literary Movements for Students 246). Therefore no single aspect or belief can be true. No one meaning is correct. John Grisham is an exceptional portrayal of an American postmodern author because he manages to include a diverse arrangement of the many facets of our society today in his many novels.
Postmodernism, as the name
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There is no ultimate reality because everything is in question. One key aspect of Postmodernism is that many of its characteristics are not easily discerned from other literary periods.
Some specific characteristics of postmodern literature include irony, pastiche, paranoia, metafiction, temporal distortion, technoculture, faction, and magical realism. Irony is a specialized use of language in which the opposite of the literal meaning is intended (A List of Postmodern Characteristics). It has been previously used in other literary times to provoke a change from those who were the subject of it. Postmodernists use irony without any intention of making a change occur. Pastiche is the combination of elements from previous styles and literary periods to create something new in their writing (A List of Postmodern Characteristics). Metafiction is writing about writing, and often attempts to show the reader that it is fiction (A List of Postmodern Characteristics). Metafiction often contains jumps in time and the presence of the author. Temporal Distortion somewhat fits into metafiction in that it is the use of a nonlinear timeline (A List of Postmodern Characteristics). The writing makes jumps in time, often to contrast the past and present, make a connection to a person, place, or thing, or to give a little background information to give a greater understanding or sense of knowing. Paranoia is a somewhat involuntary characteristic

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