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			Jane Addams

	Even as a little girl in the serene community of Cedarville, in northern Illinois, Jane Addams was "busy with the old question eternally suggested by the inequalities of the human lot."(Pg.47 Ch.1) There were not many inequalities in Cedarville, but even there were poverty and frustration: the war widows, the desolate old couple who had lost all five of their sons, the farmers who were victims of the postwar depression, and the newcomers who could never really get started. And when she visited the neighboring town, she was shocked by the appearance of the dwellings and, characteristically, wondered what could be done to make them less horrid. She could sympathize with the misfits
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The piles of bran and shorts were as good as sand to play in. He was also a local political leader who served for sixteen years as an Illinois state senator from 1854 -1870. A friend and admirer of Abraham Lincoln, John also fought as an officer in the Civil War. He was quiet and hard working and had a hatred of tyranny and injustice in the world.

	At the age of seven years old, a new woman entered the life of Jane Addams. Her father married Anna H. Haldeman, a widow with two sons. Jane felt no deep warmth for her stepmother, but this demanding and intelligent woman did contribute to her education, especially in the areas of music and literature. Sometimes the elder Addams would take the family on excursions. A most memorable one was the sixty-five-mile trip to Madison, Wisconsin, to visit not only the state capitol building, but also its illustrious inmate--"Old Abe," war-eagle of the Eighth Wisconsin. This ride in the family buggy went north through the rolling countryside.

	Not all of her buggy rides were as pleasant as the one to Madison. On a winter trip in 1875, when she was fifteen, she came to a turningpoint in her life. Word arrived that Polly, the old family nurse, was dying in a lonely farmhouse about four miles away,

and Jane was the only one who at that moment could go to her. Struggling through a snowstorm, Jane reached the farmhouse just before Polly succumbed.

In 1877 Jane attended the Rockford

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