James Joyce's Dubliners Essay

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James Joyce's Dubliners

The struggle that the Irish people must face with the problems of their society can be seen clearly in the book Dubliners, by James Joyce. This book portrays a unique image of what the Irish people are experiencing during the time. However, this book gives a deeper view of what really is occurring because it gives us the themes of the problems that are happening in a peculiar way. In fact, one can see throughout the stories the humanities theme of individual and society, and the literary theme of journey and escape. Moreover, there is a similarity of these themes between the stories of Araby, A Mother and, The Dead. Meaning, that each of the characters has a journey because they are affected in
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The conversation starts by the girl that asks him if he is going to Araby, a bazaar (23). The boy gets confused when she asks the question, and she says that she cannot go because she will be at a retreat. Immediately, the boy says that if he goes he will buy her something. At this point is where his second journey starts. The principal character decides to go to Araby just to win the heart of the girl. However, this becomes a journey for him because with this action he is proving in a certain way that he for love will do anything for her. But, since the beginning of the journey he faces obstacles because his uncle arrives too late to the house to give him money to spend at the bazaar. Finally, he arrives to the bazaar but everything is almost closed and there not much to do. However, a lady approaches him and asks him if he needs help and he says that he does not. But he sees that everybody is looking at him, and they seem to be talking about him, here is when he starts to feel uncomfortable. At this point, the boy discovers that he is in the wrong place, and also at the incorrect journey. He knows that his is not truly in love with the girl, and that a relationship won’t come out of it, because of numerous differences. However, he knows that he is at the wrong journey because he feels out of place, and also that is no longer important to be at the bazaar because buying this

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