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Marketing often comes down to making your customers intelligent enough to buy your products or services. They have to understand what it is you're selling, how it'll help them, and how much better it is than any other solution. Jamba Juice is a leading juice and smoothies retail chain in the country. Started in 1990, originally called The Juice Club, their stores are now open in most states giving their customers an unexpected health experience by offering the best ingredients, remarkable service, and amazing flavor, nutrients and variety. Jamba Juice is a company that follows on living a balanced lifestyle that integrates nutrition, fitness and fun. Its passion for health and uncompromising commitment
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Trends are ones that just come and go, and this can be a weakness. But, if the area happens to be a trendy one, comprised of people who usually like to do different things, then it could be a strength to gain that particular customer base a sort of niche in the market.
Between trying to make itself known, a business has to battle with a player in the field that has already established itself. Consider the area around the college. There is already a mom and pop type coffee house called the Sugar Shack which seems to have found its place in that market. This could be considered a weakness for Jamba Juice. People may be less likely to go to a juice bar when they are already comfortable with the existing coffee house in their area. The only real opportunity I can see is that there are no other juice bars in the area. Introducing something new to the area could potentially attract a lot of customers.
     There could also be a problem if competitors choose to clone your business in some form or other. Then, a company is faced with the task of getting the customer to purchase your particular service/product over the competition. How long will it take to build brand loyalty? Will it be enough time to make a profit? If juice bar A is serving a similar product base compared to juice bar B, but B is cheaper and has a better atmosphere, then there goes your loyalty! You have to make

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