Israeli News of the Gaza Strip Essay

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Soon after Hamas won the 2006 parliamentary elections, Israel imposed an increasingly harsh blockade on Gaza to put pressure on Hamas. The blockade imprisoned 1.8 million innocent Palestinians leading many of them to live below poverty levels due to limited food, medical supplies, and essential goods. The siege of the Gaza Strip made getting news coverage a near impossibility for foreign news media. In order to receive a press card to Gaza, journalists needed to undergo a security check and sign a censorship form agreeing to submit the articles they have written during their time in Gaza to the Israeli government. If reporters or journalist did not follow the rules of Israel or practice censorship, they were harassed, imprisoned, or …show more content…
Essentially the American media is criticizing the Hamas government as fundamentally extremist and a terrorist organization. The American news media unlike the foreign press manipulated the story to make it seem that it is Hamas and the Palestinians fault that a blockade must occur. However, in the foreign press they include what is really going on in Gaza. Unlike, American media which says Palestinians get the right amount of caloric intake needed to not be malnourished foreign media (like BBC news, or Aljazeera) show the numbers and documents Israelis set up to calculate the minimum amount of calories needed to not be malnourished. It turns out that many people are getting well below that minimum amount of food needed. Why? Israel is not truly sending in the minimum amount of trucks with food, they cut off Gaza fishers from going to see to get fish, and Israel cut the electricity or gas in Palestinian homes were they could no longer cook their food or put it in a refrigerator to stay fresh and healthy to eat. Not only was American media manipulating the fact that Israel used food as a weapon to put pressure on Hamas they would sugarcoat it to make it seem not so bad. They would include how Israel's calculation that the daily requirement of 2,279 calories per person was in line with the World Health organization guidelines (naming a well known organization to make people more confident and safe that what Israel was doing was not inhumane). In addition,

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