Intellectual Ability in the Workplace Essay

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Intellectual is associated to our mind which we use our mind creatively and able find solutions to solve the problem through reason and thinking. Ability is an individual capacity, talent or skills that he or she enables to perform a job successfully when under take a certain responsibility. According to Gabriel (n.d.), intellectual ability means the skills required to perform mental tasks and apply to both academic and work settings. So that, intellectual ability play an important role in workplace. An individual who has intellectual ability in workplace, he or she can do the things on time and more efficient, they also can help their organization cut costs from labour, training and improve productivity. In general, intellectual …show more content…
For example, a company preparing to cooperate with foreign company like western countries, English communication becomes important roles to process the bargaining until the end of business. In short, normally managers have to this ability especially itinerary planning manager.
Next, type of intellectual ability in workplace is inductive reasoning. Ferraro (2012) defined that inductive reasoning is logically infer from the specific to the general, that is, to interpret the causes from the results. Even if the premise is true and the argument is reasonable, the conclusion might be false. In workplace, different employees have different working attitude. According to Stephen and Judge (2013), job example given is market researcher. Market researcher must have the inductive reasoning ability, she has to do the research on a topic and come out with the new conclusion. In research, they will gather information from a particular field, conduct ethnographic research qualitative and quantitative survey then using a statistical software to manage information lastly they analysis data and come out with a conclusion. (AGCAS, January 2012)Thus, inductive reasoning is crucial in this workplace.
Then, deductive reasoning is the fifth type of intellectual ability in workplace. According to Ferraro (2012), deductive reasoning mean prediction of results, or at least a logical rationale, from known causes, that is from a general

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