Innate Behaviors in Animals Essay

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Ever wonder how animals know so much? It’s simple. It’s all according to how they act and what they know. When an animal is born it has instincts. These instincts help the creature survive and cause them to behave certain ways. This is called Innate behaviors. Although, some things animals have been taught. Unlike Innate behaviors whereas it comes from the genes, other behaviors have to be learned. They are called Learned behaviors. Together, Innate and Learned behaviors can prove that animals are smarter then most people think. To begin with, it is an innate behavior when an animal has the instinct to know when to mate and to which species. This is known as a Courtship behavior. For example, I own a fish and a snail which live in the …show more content…
This is the Reflex behavior. The Reflex behavior refers to the most automatic response you get when responding to a stimulus. The stimulus is usually outrageously hot or cold making a person react quickly it. For example, in the spring or summer time the sun is out warming the cars. The metal on the seatbelt is heated too. This has caused me to move my face quickly after my face hits the metal. This is innate because I did not need to learn this to know it. I had an automatic response to the seatbelt. Lastly, another innate behavior is the Territoriality behavior.
Territoriality behavior is when an animal defends its property. With this being said, animals know not to enter another animals property. Animals can mark their territory as theirs with scent. In the woods, if there lives a pack of wolves and the head wolf has marked his scent on the property, no other wolves will bother the pack or the property. This avoids conflict/fighting among animals. With multiple species having property marked and creatures not intruding each others space, this controls population growth. This also makes for efficient use of resources because each species needs the resources in its own habitat to survive and knows to protect and not take from another’s. One example of a learned behavior is trial and error. Trial and error is when and animal is given a task and fails at it first or more times. Then the animal begins to practice at the experiment to successfully achieve

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